Exvaris is a personal blog created and maintained by Exvaris (real name withheld), an eccentric and charismatic Southern California resident who had long sought for a website that encompassed all his interests – a one-stop shop where he could find information relevant to business, technology, entertainment, and lifestyle – all in one place.

Not satisfied with the existing content on the Internet relating to his interests, he took matters into his own hands and launched Exvaris in 2012.  The name Exvaris stems from the Latin phrase “ex variis” meaning “of various,” to denote the broad focus and multiple interests of the blog.  Knowing that there are other young adults with similar interests, Howard created the Exvaris blog in the hope that he might reach out to those who share his passions.

About the author

Exvaris is a 28-year-old entrepreneur who dabbles in a bit of everything and isn’t afraid to try anything at least once.  He has a passion for gadgets and entertainment, and is always trying to improve himself.  As the “ex variis” creed implies, Exvaris is a jack-of-all-trades, and his diverse interests – ranging from food and nightlife to philosophy, business, and everywhere in between – have shaped him as a person.  He hopes to contribute to the blog with what knowledge he has learned and with what he will continue to learn, to share it with anyone willing to give it a read.

Welcome to Exvaris.